A lie told often enough becomes the truth

Have you ever noticed or asked why many of the Egyptian artefacts have the nose and lips missing? It clearly suggests that the carvings have been distorted or the facial features disfigured so that the world cannot see the flat nose and full lips which show the Negroid features, but they are still very apparent and clear even after all the attempted destruction to hide the fact that the ancient Egyptians-Afrikans, were Black, and that they were the ones who created the world’s first civilization.

Did you know that:

Black Madonna

The Polish Pope when he returns to Poland visits the holiest shrine there, the shrine of The Virgin of Czestochowa or The Black Madonna, the first virgin and Black Child, who later evolved into Mary and Jesus, before becoming WHITE with the help of Michelangelo and other artists who painted all the Deities to resemble themselves, in an attempt to hide the truth.

In Egyptian mythology, the Egyptian God Osiris was chopped into 14 pieces. His wife, Goddess Isis, found all the pieces which were buried in different places along the Nile, except his penis. A temple would be erected on each site, but in place of the penis, an Obelisk was erected to symbolize the creative principle of Osiris. In America it is known as the Washington Monument.

During the dark ages in Europe, the Moors - Black Afrikans - built hundreds of public baths at a time when bathing was not popular in Europe. They built centres of learning, collected and translated ancient Egyptian and ancient scientific texts which provided the ingredients for the European Renaissance in Europe, thus bringing Europeans out of the Dark Ages.

The original oriental people of China were Black Afrikans who took the art of fighting known as the Martial Arts into China. The Afrikans were the ones who discovered that the movements of animals could be used effectively to develop their fighting skills. Also, Ancient Chinese Medicine dates back to the Shang Dynasty founded by the Afrikan, King T'ang.

The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who built the pyramids and the sphinxes were Black. How many are aware that the Pharaohs referred to in the bible were Black Afrikans?

Black Jesus

The white supremacist advocate that Jesus was white, often diverting attention by stating that it does not matter what color Jesus was since he came to save the world. Yet the world had been presented with a white Jesus though the early image sof him in their possession clearly showed him not to be white but of a different hue. when religion was brought form the black lands to Europe, Jesus and his mother were worshipped and accepted in their original form without any problems, but that all changed with the help of Roman Empire when Augustus was the royal leader around 31 BC - AD 14.

The Euro-centric Christians world does not know the truth about the real Jesus from the Tribe of Judah . Jesus was from the Afrikan continent and not from Europe

According to Hebrews 7:14 , The Tribe of Judah whence Jesus came , is a dark skinned nation of people, Jeremiah 14:2 also states that "Judah mourneth , and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up" The word black in this verse is qadar which means black skinned in the ancient Hebrew languague.

As Europe prospered, it began to spread the concept of white Jesus to the world, especially around the time when the Bible was being translated from Hebrew to Greek and Latin to English. The bible existed among black people long before it was translated to any European languague.

But where you aware that this counterfeit image of Jesus which Christians worship todya is based on an italian homosexual, paedophile, and mass murdered named Cesare Borgias who was painted by Michaelangelo around 1400 and used as the base model for the long blond hair, blue eyed effeminate looking Christ which Christians bow down to and worship today- even Black people ?

early catacomb painting of Christ and his disciples gathered for the Eucharist

Jesus is called the lamb of God with his Wolly, Nappy hair being compared to lamb's wool hair. When Jesus was first depicted in the catacombs of Rome. He was portrayed as the God's Shepered: as a black beardless nappy, wolly hair, youth, but as Christiany became a state religion, those images of Jesus began to take on more colonial appearance, and as a result, new distinctive look was created which then portrayed him in royal robes with shoulder lengh hair a beard and halo. Based on all the evidence presented, it should be clear by now that Jesus' disciples, relatives, prophets, teachers, and his associates were all Black

The earliest images found in the catacombs of Rome show Jesus the Christ as an Afrikan with woolly hair. Why do Black people continue worshiping the false, white Italian images painted by Michelangelo? As Europe prospered, it presented the global world with a WHITE Jesus when the Bible was being translated from Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English, fooling the world into believing in a WHITE Saviour for soul salvation. What is wrong with the Black version being embraced and promoted by Black people?

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Thank you for your truth serum...it is refreshing!!!


October 30, 2008 at 3:28 PM

very close man,but Christ comes from hebrew descent not afrikan. His great great great great grandfather Solomon said" I AM BLACK BUT COMELY. U WERE ACCURATE WHEN U SAID THE HEBREW WORD FOR BLACK SKINNED " QUADAR That also shows his anceststry moses was MISTAKEN for an afrikan but his brethern were a diff ppl. log onto ISUPK.ORG on monday at 9pm eastern or wed. @ 7 u learn alot more

March 10, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Christ and His Mother were Jewish and from the East. They would and did, naturally, resemble then just as those of that region look now. Neither were of African descent.

The Church has never tried to 'hide' facts--nor has she ever had reason to. Subsequent depictions of the Holy Family by the great artists have been recognized for their beauty, not for their 'color.'

Just for your information, when we die and appear before God, we are ALL relieved of our 'race' and/or 'color' -- Only the contents of our hearts will be judged.

On another matter, do explain: just what in the world is a 'very religious non-believer' ???

September 25, 2009 at 6:44 PM

It doesn't matter whether the story was "Jewesh" or not. The Hebrew bible is not authentic, its stories were borrowed from more powerful surrounding cultures (i.e Sumer, Egypt ..) The fallacy of the bible has plagued the world long enough. And none of it can be verified. Leave it alone and go back to the original stories. As long as you are drawn to the bible, you will be drawn to their cultures, their arguements and their story (whether fictitious or not).

December 21, 2009 at 2:32 AM

While I complete agree with you that Jesus was not white, I have to disagree with this statement:
" Jesus and his mother were worshipped and accepted in their original form without any problems, but that all changed with the help of Roman Empire when Augustus was the royal leader around 31 BC - AD 14."

Jesus and His mother were not worshipped in the period 31 BCE - 14 CE. In 14 CE Jesus would barely be a young man.

I have often wondered if maybe the Incarnation took place in Israel for the simple reason that all the colors of humanity were mingled there. Israel was such an important crossroad from the most ancient of days, long before there was a Jesus, Moses or even Abraham.

It is also worth noting that in the tradition of iconography Jesus et al are always dark skinned.The religious art tradition of Byzantium was inherited by the Russias with the fall of Byzantium to the Muslems around 1450 CE.

I have long deplored that images of Jesus et al were made to look European when they were most emphatically not.

Sister Gloriamarie Amalfitano, Episcopal Solitary and iconographer in training

April 8, 2010 at 1:34 PM

Thanks for the comments!
I really appreciated them.. but as you can see in my profile info, i am not taking this to a religious level..fortunately went to school , I am based in facts, info I have found adn very accurate by the way

May 23, 2010 at 9:09 PM

I had a feeling that you were going to be attacked by "Religious" folks. All of the findings I have come across, in majority of the case has backed your claims.

When ever something is ascribe to being black or of black decent, people try their hardest to refute that. According to the Bible, Jesus was Jewish but now who's to say that he couldn't have been a black Jew. You know Black people are found in all corners of the Earth in all religious affiliations.

It is not believable that Jesus was black, but it is believable that he had blonde hair and blue eyes?

These claims are solid and should be taken as gospel.

January 8, 2013 at 9:31 PM

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