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What can you expect of a divine book written or at least dictated by almighty God, who is incapable of harm or to comit any mistakes , because he is almighyt and wise, provided with virtues of the world and universe??Well it was expected to be a book without any serious errors or better without any , and as you can see the bible has a lot of mistakes of all kind.We have to admit that the bible is a human book and for the same reason has a lot of errors, sometimes is a beautiful book, full with poetry and inmoral messages worth taking in account, but it is a terrible book too with violence, sex, crimes, and dumb and absurd aberrations, work of a people that stole books from another people.

Since centuries church has made us believe that the bible is a divine inpiration book, it is say that is the god's word, nevertheless in the catholic seminar were I studied the bible was prohibited instead we studied the decaffeinated version of the sacred history. I knew it until I was expelled form the semira, I could read a bible version without a priest intervention.

If god is the intellectual author, like church said, as a result we would have an ignorant, cruel, lewd ,and avenger god .. unable to love anyone without conditions.

If god being wise, almighty, dominant of the skills of the communication ,etc.. wanted to leave the message to humanity, he hadn't chosen those poor , ignorants and deaf Jews, illiterate and forgetful to make it well-known.

It wouldn't be logic to leave the message exposed to be transmitted from mouth to mouth, to be changed, forged, censured, corrected, increased for the so-called representatives.

If God (exist) ,he would have wish that every men, women and homosexuals know his words, commandments, and wishes, he would make it in a clear , espectacular and unforgettable way , and in all languages. All the bibles have the same anonimous origin, many differences between them, and all of them confirm their none divine source.

The first bible was written by Jews in papyrus 200 BC , obviously wasn't called "the bible , and just included 5 books from the pentateuco, after the supposedly Jesus' death aka "christ" the jews made some compilations of other books they found, and the result were 39 holy books, that is to say the new testament.

One the most curious situation had appeared to ingratiate themselves with Rome, Christians ( gringos of that time) decided to blame of his death to the Jews and declare them innocents. That's who the Antisemitism born ... A religion was born , from the Jewish origins, based their people traditions, preached to the Jews for a Jew to disciples all Jews, and the first thing they did was to deny it and to condemn of death the whole people and its founder.

Forging a bit the history they made jesus a direct descendant of king david (that in turn was a descendant of Adam and Eva) it is say they invented a genealogical tree to Jesus of Nazareth. Worst from the coarse and badly done adaptation (who did it) it is that Matthew include 3 impure women (prostitutes) .."farewell purity of my lineage"Jesus said .. for the emulation to make jesus a descendant of the king , they made him becoming related to distinguised sluts. The worst of the worst, to justify that jesus was a god's son they finished with creating another god ,who does not appear in the bible called:"The holy spirit "


At the beginning of the creation of heaven and earth, when the earth was (or the earth being) unformed and void . . . God said, Let there be light . Logically to see what it was doing he needed light and that's why the first day of the creation, he create the light . Even a member of the parliament knows that the light it is produce by the sun. Let's say that god made a divine light and later he turned it off. in the bible it is say that the moon has its own light , we all know tha the moon is illuminated by the sunlight.

in the 5th day he , Mr. God created man and woman without giving details. Theyy were created to have sex without getting pregnant, that was the paradise!! . why all the story that Eva was created from a Adam's Rib as a complement of him, Why in the bible is presented woman as an inferior being to man?

Where did that talking serpent come from? Why a prohibited tree what happened with the rest? What kind of God made those tricks to those innocent creatures? How come God created them who didn't know what was good and evil, how it is posible that they had to make something wrong to know him?

Besides that , this absurd God that got tired and has to rest, established a day for all humans to rest .Sunday!! not the 7th day (Saturday)

The sky, Earth, and the center of the universe were created in a moment on october 23rd, 4004 at 9 am, everybody accepted this , except the Jews who said that were created in 3761 AC. They didn't know that by that time a great civilization was starting in Egypt. oops :S

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